Bühnendebüt beim Staatsballett Berlin | Debut at Staatsballett Berlin

Seit Anfang der Spielzeit sind mit den Tänzerinnen Caroline Bird, Marissa Jimenez, Roxana Pignata, Camille Proust und Haley Schwan sowie den Tänzern Gauthier Dedieu, Nicola Del Freo und Sacha Males neue Compagniemitglieder an Bord des Staatsballetts Berlin.

In der Weihnachtsproduktion DER NUSSKNACKER stehen sie nun zum ersten Mal auf der Bühne der Deutschen Oper Berlin.

Wir haben zwei der Tänzerinnen gefragt, wie sie sich als neue Ensemblemitglied fühlen und wie stark das Lampenfieber sein kann. Caroline Bird und Haley Schwan aus den USA haben uns Rede und Antwort gestanden.

Debut at Staatsballett Berlin

Since the beginning of the season the Staatsballett Berlin has new company members: Caroline Bird, Marissa Jimenez, Roxana Pignata, Camille Proust, Haley SchwanGauthier Dedieu, Nicola Del Freo and Sacha Males.

Their first appearance on the stage of Deutsche Oper Berlin is in the Christmas Production DER NUSSKNACKER (THE NUTCRACKER).

We asked two dancers how they feel in their new company and what they think about stage fright. Caroline Bird and Haley Schwan from the United States of America answered our questions.

Staatsballett Berlin: Did you dance in DER NUSSKNACKER before? What was different (concerning the production)? And is there any scene you really like? | Hast du schonmal in DER NUSSKNACKER getanzt? Wenn ja, was waren die Unterschiede im Vergleich zur Inszenierung von Patrice Bart? Welche Szene magst du am besonders?

Caroline Bird: Yes, but not since I was a young girl. The Staatsballett Berlin-version by Patrice Bart has a much more complex underlying story and deeper meanings between the main characters; connections which appeal to a much more sophisticated audience as opposed to solely children. My favourite scene would have been snow as it is an intricate of the magic of wintertime. The complexity of the chorerography paired with the stunning music, although permeating frigidness warms my heart from inside out.

Haley Schwan: Yes I have danced in DER NUSSKNACKER before. Almost everywhere the general storyline of the show is the same, but the choreography changes. For example, the choreography we dance here in Staatsballett Berlin is completely different from what I danced at school in Russia. I do like how the mother has a large role in the ballett.

SBB: You often dance in several roles, do you prefer one of them? Why? | Oftmals tanzt du mehrere Rollen. Gefällt dir eine besonders gut?

CB: I love being a house guest/parent as each performance gives me the opportunity to play out a different story, to interact with everyone in a different way each night. It’s also nostalgic for me as I began my first performance as the role of the smallest party child.

HS: This season I am dancing parents, snowflakes and the flower waltz. Of those I guess I would say the flower waltz is my favourite. I find the choreography light and fun to dance. Also, it’s fun to interact with people on stage, and for this I have a partner.

SBB: DER NUSSKNACKER is very popular and sold out on several evenings. Do you feel really nervous about that or is it the same (dancing in front of a full house or less people)? Are you stage-frightened in general? | Die Vorstellungen von DER NUSSKNACKER sind häufig ausverkauft. Macht dich das nervös? Und hast du allgemein ein bisschen Lampenfieber?

CB: Of course, I am always nervous but I turn the feelings into positive drive and use it for thrills. But I also find myself getting lost in the moment and sometimes I’m so tuned into my dancing that I forget about everyone else and feel everything melt away and am just left with me and the stage but it is always for the people that I dance. For the hope of touching someone’s heart in a special way that I dance.

HS: For us dancers we’re actually happier when the house is full, it’s nice to hear the excitement from the audience when we bow. I wouldn’t say that I get ‘stage fright’ ever, to be honest. If the dance is difficult or there are unusual sets on stage I get a little nervous to mess up or fall, but that just helps to get a little andrenaline pumping.

SBB: How do you feel in our company? Do you feel comfortable? | Wie fühlst du dich in der Compagnie aufgenommen?

CB: I have never been so happy in my life.Everyday I feel humbled by the reality that this indeed is my new home at Staatsballett Berlin. Being surrounded by such immense, world-renown, stellar talent… There is nothing like this feeling in the world. I still find myself in sheer awe that this is indeed my dream that I am living. I feel comfortable as it so easily became my home but when I stop and take a look at what surrounds me I feel myself taken back!

HS: I really like it here. We have a very strong group of dancers and good training in the theatre. I felt very comfortable from the beginning because everyone has been so nice and helpful. It makes rehearsals and such a lot easier.


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