Wine expert Pablo Martinez visited the Staatsballett Berlin on 10 March 2016 watching the triple bill “Duato | Kylián | Naharin” with friends. Here is his special report:

 “For a whole year I have been longing to go to the ballet for the first time in my life to see my friend Lucio dancing. But for one thing or another I could not make it until yesterday, just one day after my comeback to Berlin after 3 crazy months away travelling and taking my beloved natural wine with me on a tour around the world. And when less expected… my dear friend Jon Mármol gave me the order ‘Honey, no matter what, I wanna see you at 7 at the Deutsche Oper!’ and so I did!

No need to say I so much loved the show, from the company, the venue, the nice people I met to the magic of the music, dancers, choreographies and costumes. We saw the union of 3 geniuses on stage: Duato, Naharin and Kylián. Among casual chats, laughs and bubbles afterwards in the canteen, Giuliana, part of the Staatsballett ensemble and friend, asked me:

Giuliana: ‘So, did you like the show? ‘

Me: ‘Yes, very much indeed. I think every piece was so different from the other and unique in its style. I liked the fact that I could enjoy in one show three pieces of art from three different artists.’

Giuliana: ‘From a sommelier point of view, if you had to define every piece as a different wine how would you do it?’

She got me by surprise, I laughed, a few silent seconds… she was really serious, interested and waiting for an answer. Now I feel like writing it down:

‘Castrati’ from Duato impresses from the beginning. Its garnet colour with purple rims tells us we have a mysterious and powerful wine in front of us. It is subtle but seductive displaying intense aromas of black fruits and berries along with solid ageing notes of roasted coffee and liquorice. Tough and full of character to the taste. Tanic, full body and good structured, ‘Castrati’ takes us to a long aftertaste full of passion and energy.

Naharin’s ‘Secus’ is a shocking, funky and unexpected wine. It has a lively red colour with violet gloss that it goes into a party of berries and candies in the nose. Later it takes our full attention as it shows itself also intriguing, full of different nuances, wild but round and well balanced with a friendly fruity end.

Kylián’s ‘Petite Mort’ is just beautiful from its elegant and mature cherry colour that announces a classic and romantic experience to taste. Delicate aromas of red fruits and cherries in liqueur will fly in the air hand by hand with oaky memories of coffee, dark chocolate and old ink letters written by hand. All that transforms into a silky and smooth taste full of pleasant flavours that ends slow and silent.


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